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2019 Path to Financial Success

Date: Sunday February 24, 2019
Time: 11am ET
Cost: FREE
Duration: 1 Hour
Bonus: Free copy of:
What Next A Proactive Approach to Success (available to the first five people to sign up for the webinar)

Get Information on The 2019 Path to Financial Success

When it comes to your finances are you reactive or proactive? Do you want to control your money or be controlled by it? Are you willing to commit a small amount of time for a lifetime of financial success?

In this on hour interactive webinar hosted by AJ Borowsky, you'll:

1. Learn how to track your income and spending

2. Evaluate your life choices and understand (the hated word) budgeting

3. Learn how to live below your means so you can save for the future

4. The basics of investing and why it doesn't have to be difficult

5. Create a plan to set you up for the future you truly want.

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