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Meet AJ Borowsky

AJ Borowsky

Financial Life Coach

Your path to success is not the same path others took. Your path is as unique as you are.

​My path has moved from poverty to financial independence. Through happenstance and hard work my parents were able to build the strong support I needed to thrive.

​Focused on success from a young age I dreamed of a career in radio and television - a tough and competitive line of work. After graduating college I began in a small television production company, moved on to cable television with NBC, and finally settled at ABC Network News where I've spent over 20 years as an editor at World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, a producer at ABC Digital Media, and finally as a technology trainer.

Side hustle is a popular phrase but it's really just another name for hard work and I'm no stranger to that concept. Beginning in 2000 I purchased a vacation rental property with three apartments.

Go your own way

Together with my wife, Julie, we renovated the apartments and handled all aspects of the rentals ourselves. While continuing a career in television and managing my rental property, I also pursued a career change to financial planning. So back to school I went, studying nights and weekends for the rigorous CFP exam. In March of 2008 I passed the CFP exam but ultimately decided not to leave television news.

​But I was far from done. Continuing to build our real estate holdings we purchased another vacation rental property across the country in California. And then another property also in California this year (2017). While real estate was an excellent path for us it isn't necessarily a good path for everyone.

​But I didn't stop there. In June of 2012 while still working full time jobs, Julie and I signed a franchise agreement to open a massage and facial spa. For five years we built and operated a business with 30 employees and nearly a million dollars in revenue in our last year. In May of 2017 we sold the business and began the process of creating our next chapter.

​Coaching is my next chapter as financial independence gives me the options to live life on my terms and to share my experience and expertise with you.

My Approach

How's this for a business model? I don't want my clients to remain clients forever. That doesn't seem nice, or particularly smart on my part now does it?

I mean this in the same way a doctor doesn't want you as a patient forever, if they did would you ever really be cured?

My goal is to solve whatever problem you have, help you achieve your goal, and give you the confidence not to need me or anyone else for that matter.

If we can do this in one session, then great. It's much more likely that we'll need several but how many is really up to you. That's why I don't believe in contracts or commitments beyond a few sessions.

I believe at least a few sessions are needed to effectively get to know each other and for me to properly assess your situation.

It starts with a free consultation chat so we can both evaluate whether we would be a good fit. So, are you willing to take the first step and make contact? I hope so.

Ready to embark? Contact us

Contact me by email or via my Social Media channels.

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